• What Is The Anti-Dandruff System?

    What Is The Anti-Dandruff System?
    Yes it's true! We offer an Anti-Dandruff 2-Step system and Oil Treatment that was designed to help with dry, itchy scalp and hair. It is infused with peppermint oil and other natural oils to: ensure hair growth increase hair volume control greasy scalp
  • How Are You Detangling Your Hair?

    How Are You Detangling Your Hair?
    Be sure to use a wide-toothed comb to ensure you aren't damaging your ends with a smaller comb, such as a rat-tailed comb. Wide-toothed combs assist in preventing breakage and speeds up the time spent on detangling. Can be used on both wet hair and dry hair. Pair with a pre-poo or conditioner for best results. This goes for your natural hair and extensions.
  • FLEXIS!!!!!

    Looking for protective, heat-free styles for the fall and winter? Try flexi-rods on wet or dry hair for heatless curls and waves. Flexi-rods come in many sizes which allows you to choose the definition of your curls or waves. This goes for hair extensions and natural hair.
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